Information and terms of payment.



What is your benefit.

  1. Your campsite will be mentioned together with others on this website, finding your website is very easy, in the name of the campsite will be added an link to your website, visitors go this way directly to your site, where they can find all the information, and ask for more by e-mail.

  2. The costs are lower than advertising in an magazine. 

  3. You reach more people this way.

  4. If you donít have your own website, than itís possible to create an internet presentation in this site, this way you have your own internet address for example  .

  5. Your site will be visited more, and the chance of more, or more future camp guests is bigger.

  6. Youíre on the Internet for 24 hours, 365 days a year to present your campsite, and to inform visitors about it.


How will your campsite be mentioned, and for how long.  

  1. In clear pages for each country, in alphabetical tables on city-name and each province separate.

  2. If you have a website, a link to it will be added to the name.

  3. When you donít have your own website, but a presentation within this site, a link to this location will be added to the name.

  4. If you have not a website or Internet presentation, but do have an E-mail address (any address) a link to this E-mail address can be added to the name.

  5. Your campsite will after adding to this website mentioned a whole year, from 01-01 till 31-12 of that year.


What may you expect.

  1. That there will be no differences in announcements of the campsites, about their type and classification, everyone is the equal.

  2. The intention is, to keep the prices as low as possible, quality for a nice price.

  3. After your campsite is added to both websites, you receive an E-mail with a copy of the announce form, so no one as yourself can announce your campsite.


What not.

  1. or HJ Solutions canít be hold responsible for problems with the Internet, when one or both of the website(-s) is/are not reachable for a short or longer period.

  2. or HJ Solutions canít be hold responsible for incorrect data delivered by costumer.

  3. or HJ Solutions are responsible for text or photographs which are placed on a presentation in this website, customer must have permission of the owner for using the text or photographs.


Terms of payment.

  1. Established are the following prices, Euro 17, 00. For a full year (from 31-01 till 31-12) + 21% VAT **.       

  2. ** Campsites not located in the Netherlands donít pay VAT if you fill in your VAT number.

  3. Your announcement will be added to the page after receiving the announce form.

  4. After adding to the pages you will receive an E-mail with the confirmation of the announcement, and the invoice will be send by mail, from the Firm HJ Solutions, HJ Solutions is registered by the Chamber of Commerce in Enschede (NL) number 08103335.

  5. Payments must be done 14 days after receiving the invoice. If we donít receive your payment will your announcement be deleted, before we take this action we will contact you.

If you need more information, please send E-mail to or telephone to the (Netherlands) 0031 538520362, mobile 0031 645476543 ore fax +31.(0)53- 8520362.

Do you wish, after reading this page to announce your campsite, please click on the word announce form, because only announcements by the announce form will be accepted, if you canít send the form please E-mail all the necessary data that is asked on the announce form to , donít forget to give your agreement for announcement and payment.


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